Arno F. Spatola : 1944–2003
Arno F. Spatola
Prof. Arno F. Spatola's founding role at Peptides International
Linear basic peptides for targeting interferon-γ–glycosaminoglycan interactions : synthesis and inhibitory properties
A chimeric opioid peptide with mixed μ agonist/δ antagonist properties
Effects of single D-amino acid substitutions on disruption of β-sheet structure and hydrophobicity in cyclic 14-residue antimicrobial peptide analogs related to gramicidin S
Synthesis of symmetrically and asymmetrically branched pegylating reagents
Synthesis, conformation, receptor binding and biological activities of monobiotinylated human insulin-like peptide 3*
In vivo properties of thiol inhibitors of the three vasopeptidases NEP, ACE and ECE are improved by introduction of a 7-azatryptophan in P′2 position
An affinity label for δ-opioid receptors derived from [D-Ala2]deltorphin I*
Biological and conformational study of β-substituted prolines in MT-II template : steric effects leading to human MC5 receptor selectivity*
Structural and immunogenicity analysis of chimeric B-cell epitope constructs derived from the gp46 and gp21 subunits of the envelope glycoproteins of HTLV-1
Structure-based design, synthesis, and pharmacologic evaluation tf peptide RGS4 inhibitors
Cyclosporin A prodrugs : design, synthesis and biophysical properties
Probing essential residues for cellular uptake with a cationic nuclear localization signal sequence
New tools for the control of peptide conformation : the helicogenic Cα-methyl, Cα-cyclohexylglycine*
Lysine conjugate of acrylonitrile as antigenic sites in hemoglobin adducts
A combined extended and helical backbone for Boc-(Ala-Leu-Ac7c-)2-OMe*
Synthesis of substrates and inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxin type A metalloprotease*
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