Cis/trans conformational equilibrium across the N-methylphenylalanine2- N-methylphenylalanine3 peptide bond of arginine vasopressin analogs
Binding of Cu(II) or Zn(II) in a de novo designed triple-stranded α-helical coiled-coil toward a prototype for a metalloenzyme
Reversible scaling of dihedral angle barriers during molecular dynamics to improve structure prediction of cyclic peptides
Surface plasmon resonance detection of interactions between peptide fragments of N-telopeptide and its monoclonal antibodies
Secondary structure of a dynamic type I'β-hairpin peptide
An efficient and highly selective deprotection of N-Fmoc-α-amino acid and lipophilic N-Fmoc-dipeptide methyl esters with aluminium trichloride and N,N-dimethylaniline
Symposium Announcement
HPLC 2004