Phosphorylation-dependent structure of ATF4 peptides derived from a human ATF4 protein, a member of the family of transcription factors
Improvement of lipoxygenase inhibition by octapeptides
A library of linear undecapeptides with bactericidal activity against phytopathogenic bacteria
Anti-inflammatory effects of moxifloxacin and human β-defensin 2 association in human lung epithelial cell line (A549) stimulated with lipopolysaccharide
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Inducible antibacterial response of scorpion venom gland
Molecular cloning and electrophysiological studies on the first K+ channel toxin (LmKTx8) derived from scorpion Lychas mucronatus
Isolation and characterization of a T-superfamily conotoxin from Conus litteratus with targeting tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels
Decoralin, a novel linear cationic α-helical peptide from the venom of the solitary eumenine wasp Oreumenes decoratus
Molecular and functional characterization of a new non-hemorrhagic metalloprotease from Bothrops jararacussu snake venom with antiplatelet activity
Endogenous heptapeptide Met-enkephalin-Gly-Tyr binds differentially to duplicate delta opioid receptors from zebrafish
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Aging and photoperiod affect the daily rhythm pattern of atrial natriuretic peptide in the rat atrium
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The fasting polypeptide FGF21 can enter brain from blood
Human melanocytes expressing MC1R variant alleles show impaired activation of multiple signaling pathways
Structure–function analysis of the antiangiogenic ATWLPPR peptide inhibiting VEGF165 binding to neuropilin-1 and molecular dynamics simulations of the ATWLPPR/neuropilin-1 complex
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