An Electronic Model of a Neural Correlate to Experience Obtained When the Stimulus Object is a Straight Line or a Circle

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An attempt was made to present an electronic model of the neural correlate to the experiences of straightness and circularity on the basis of experimental data. Two sets of experiments were described. In one Ss had numerous kinds of experience when the stimulus object was a straight line or a circle. These experiments demonstrated a close relationship between a straight line and a circle in experience. The other set of experiments consisted of adjusting the electric voltages fed into a cathode ray oscilloscope so that the displays on the screen corresponded closely to some of the experiences reported by subjects in the first set of experiments. A plausible working hypothesis was put forward on the basis that the electronic functions underlying the working of a cathode ray oscilloscope suggest a close analogy with the brain function underlying the experiences obtained when the stimulus object is a straight line or a circle.

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