Axiomatic Construction for Language Creativity and Self-Actualization

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Piagetian theory views intellective development in children as the unfolding of the axioms which form the basis of symbolic logic through maturation and learning. The modern derivation of set theory from these axioms may be seen as a model of how we formulate valid inferences. The axiomatic construction of the aleph null as equal to 1, which may be derived from the Cantorian algebra, can be used to extend the axiomatic basis of propositional calculus seen as the epistemological root of human knowledge by Piaget. A central postulation regarding natural languages proposed by Chomsky is the creative aspect of language. This axiomatic construction for the Continuum Hypothesis of Gregor Cantor, which permits a nonconfirmatory decision regarding this hypothesis, may be generalized to account for the various aspects of creativity in personality theory, forming (as an extension to Piaget's theory) essential mechanisms of cognition, language behaviour, and self-actualization.

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