Case Report: Remote monitoring using Spectrum Medical Live Vue allows improved response time and improved quality of care for patients on cardiopulmonary support

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Clinician rounding on bedside extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a common coverage practice at many centers across the USA. Occasionally, clinical issues or concerns may go unnoticed for a considerable period of time during the intervals of clinician rounds. We report a case utilizing the LiveVue (Spectrum Medical, Fort Mill, SC) remote monitoring for care of a patient on ECMO.A patient was placed on veno-arterial (VA) ECMO in our intensive care unit, using a Rotaflow centrifugal pump and a Quadrox D polymethylpentene (PMP) fiber oxygenator (both Maquet, Fairfield, NJ). Following ECMO initiation and stabilization, a two-hour rounding schedule was established for the covering perfusionist. On day two, shortly after the perfusionist had rounded, the ECMO flow began fluctuating between 0.1 and 2.1 L/min. A compliance alert (i.e. red flashing notification) was recognized by the perfusion team on a large screen monitor installed in the perfusion pump room. Immediate response from the perfusion team identified venous inflow obstruction due to cannula malposition. The pump revolutions per minute (rpm) and, thus, the resulting flow were temporarily reduced to prevent vessel intimal damage and the surgical team was summoned to reposition the venous cannula. Later in that ECMO run, a steady rise in pre-oxygenator pressure was noted by the perfusionist. This increasingly concerning event was able to be trended and monitored with the LiveVue from a remote location. After a few hours, a compliance alert was noticed again on the LiveVue screen in the pump room. The pre-oxygenator pressure increased by 150 mmHg and the circuit flow decreased by half. Again, the perfusionist response was immediate and an oxygenator change-out ensued. Once more, a potentially dangerous clinical scenario was avoided with continuous critical parameter remote monitoring using the LiveVue system.

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