Telemedicine for antenatal surveillance of high-risk pregnancies with ambulatory and home fetal heart rate monitoring — an update
The HELLP-syndrome: maternal-fetal outcome and follow up of infants
Effect of maternal age on blood loss during parturition: a retrospective multivariate analysis of 10,053 cases
Prenatal medicine related to stress and depressive reactions of pregnant women and their partners
Accuracy of sonographic estimation of fetal weight before induction of labor in diabetic pregnancies and pregnancies with suspected fetal macrosomia
Validity of short term variation (STV) in detection of fetal acidemia
Amikacin alters auditory brainstem conduction time in newborns
Triplets and quadruplets in Switzerland: comparison with singletons, and evolution over the last decade
Maternal smoking during pregnancy and appetite control in offspring
Sequential use of thrombolytic agents for thrombosed mitral valve prosthesis during pregnancy
Congenital mixed malignant germ cell tumor involving cerebrum and orbit
Jejunal atresia related to the use of toluidine blue in genetic amniocentesis in twins
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