Intrauterine growth restriction and risk for arterial hypertension
Clinical-radiological features of fractures in premature infants - a review
Scientific and religious controversies about the beginning of human life
The status of the embryo in Buddhism
The calcium binding protein, S100B, is increased in the amniotic fluid of women with intra-amniotic infection/inflammation and preterm labor with intact or ruptured membranes
Validity of amniotic fluid index in preterm rupture of membranes
Activity of adenosine deaminase in mothers who have conceived a fetus with central nervous system malformations*
Ductus venosus Doppler measurement during labor
Fetal scalp pH and ST analysis of the fetal ECG as an adjunct to cardiotocography to predict fetal acidosis in labor
Comparison of two- and three-dimensional ultrasonography in lung volume measurement of normal fetuses
MRI and multiplanar 3D ultrasound compared in the prenatal assessment of enlarged posterior fossa
Monochorionic twins in which at least one fetus has a congenital heart disease with or without twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Enriched post-discharge formula versus term formula for bone strength in very low birth weight infants
Which information will be given to parents of preterm infants - a comparison of estimates and local data
Intestinal trefoil factor in treatment of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis in the rat model
Impact of being small-for-gestational age on survival and long-term outcome of extremely premature infants born at 23--27 weeks' gestation
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