Screening for pre-eclampsia: a systematic review of tests combining uterine artery Doppler with other markers
Reshaping pre-clerkship years in reproductive medicine education
Placental lesions associated with maternal underperfusion are more frequent in early-onset than in late-onset preeclampsia*
The role of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in the neutrophilia observed in the fetal inflammatory response syndrome
Identification of high-risk patients for adverse pregnancy outcome based on multivariate logistic regression analysis at 20-23 gestational weeks
Recurrence risks of hypertensive diseases in pregnancy after HELLP syndrome
Procalcitonin levels during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum*
Determinants of folic acid use in a multi-ethnic population of pregnant women: a cross-sectional study
Risk factors for emergent preterm delivery in women with placenta previa and ultrasound findings suspicious for placenta accreta
Requests and usage of epidural analgesia in grand-grand multiparous and similar-aged women with lesser parity: prospective observational study
Gene expression patterns of insulin-like growth factor 1, insulin-like growth factor 2 and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 in human placenta from pregnancies with intrauterine growth restriction
Birth injury in a subsequent vaginal delivery among women with a history of shoulder dystocia*
Nomogram of fetal upper arm volume by three-dimensional ultrasound using extended imaging virtual organ computer-aided analysis (XI VOCAL)
Neonatal outcome using ultrathin fetoscope for laser coagulation in twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome
NICU admission hypothermia, chorioamnionitis, and cytokines
Risk factors associated with retained placenta after cesarean delivery
Peripartum care of the parturient with Tourette's syndrome: more questions than answers
Aplasia cutis congenita due to methimazol exposure within the first trimester of pregnancy: case report
Influence of umbilical cord abnormalities (velamentous/marginal cord insertion and nuchal cord) on the perinatal outcomes of the second twin after vaginal delivery of the first twin
Comment on “Listeriosis in human pregnancy: a systematic review”
Unexpected intrauterine fetal death in monochorionicdiamniotic twins near term
Unexpected intrauterine fetal death in monochorionic-diamniotic twins near term
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