Cardiac morbidity in twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Risk factors for postpartum hypertension in women with twin pregnancies
Serum levels of the adipokine chemerin in preeclampsia
Expression changes of sex hormone binding globulin in GDM placental tissues
Evaluation of serum boron levels and lipid profile in pregnancies with or without gestational diabetes
Racial disparities in maternal hemoglobin concentrations and pregnancy outcomes
Prediction of imminent preterm delivery in women with preterm premature rupture of membranes
Endocervical immune mediator production following successful rescue or ultrasound indicated cerclage placement
Co-ordinate expression of Th1/Th2 phenotypes in maternal and fetal blood
How does the duration of active pushing in labor affect neonatal outcomes?*
Quantification of the subcutaneous fat layer with MRI in fetuses of healthy mothers with no underlying metabolic disease vs. fetuses of diabetic and obese mothers
Immediate clinical outcomes in preterm neonates receiving antenatal magnesium for neuroprotection
Developmental delay in hypoxia-induced HO-1 expression predisposes to gut injury
Correlation of Cyr61 and CTGF in placentas from the late pre-eclamptic pregnancy
Cross-species transfer of group B streptococcus via ingestion?
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