Can we really diagnose diabetes during pregnancy?
First trimester prediction of maternal glycemic status
Prepregnancy maternal obesity and fetal-perinatal death in a Mediterranean country
Incorporating first trimester analytes to predict delivery of a large for gestational infant in women with impaired glucose tolerance
Cord blood galectin-1 and -3 concentrations in term pregnancies with normal restricted and increased fetal growth
The interplay between maternal obesity and gestational diabetes mellitus
Ramadan fasting and pregnancy: implications for fetal development in summer season
Omentin, an adipokine with insulin-sensitizing properties, is negatively associated with insulin resistance in normal gestation
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Risk for fetal loss and prematurity after 12,413 second trimester amniocenteses in a single center
Non-immune hydrops fetalis as a diagnostic and survival problems: what do we tell the parents?
Sensitivity of multiple first trimester sonomarkers in fetal aneuploidy detection
Expression of ephrinB2 and EphB4 in a neonatal rat model of periventricular white matter damage
Glucose measurements and gold standards
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