Risk factors for preterm birth and new approaches to its early diagnosis
Avoiding the prenatal programming effects of glucocorticoids: are there alternative treatments for the induction of antenatal lung maturation?
The association of first trimester bleeding with preterm delivery
Cervical sonoelastography for improving prediction of preterm birth compared with cervical length measurement and fetal fibronectin test
The neuroprotective effect of magnesium sulfate in preterm fetal mice
Correlation of cervical length, fetal fibronectin, phIGFBP-1, and cytokines in spontaneous preterm birth up to 14 days from sampling
The unborn smoker: association between smoking during pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes
Association of group B streptococcus colonization with early term births
Association of maternal whole blood fatty acid status during the prenatal period with term birth dimensions: a cross-sectional study
Predicting onset of labor from echogenicity of the cervical gland area on vaginal ultrasonography at term
Disparity in post-treatment maternal circulating magnesium sulfate levels between twin and singleton gestation: Is this the missing link between plurality and adverse outcome?
Cardiovascular profile score in 44 fetuses with cervicofacial tumors
First trimester tricuspid regurgitation and fetal abnormalities
Gastroschisis: incidence and prediction of growth restriction
Diminished HLA-DR expression on monocyte and dendritic cell subsets indicating impairment of cellular immunity in pre-term neonates: a prospective observational analysis
First- and fifth-minute Apgar scores of 0-3 and infant mortality: a population-based study in São Paulo State of Brazil
Feeding the feeble: steps towards nourishing preterm infants
Hot topics in perinatal medicine
Erratum to: Impact of the nitric oxide-donor pentaerythrityl-tetranitrate on perinatal outcome in risk pregnancies: a prospective, randomized, double-blinded trial
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