Maternal risk: assessment and management
Ebola virus screening during pregnancy in West Africa: unintended consequences
Strain at the internal cervical os assessed with quasi-static elastography is associated with the risk of spontaneous preterm delivery at ≤34 weeks of gestation
Can routine laboratory parameters predict adverse pregnancy outcomes in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?
Pulmonary edema in pregnancy and the puerperium: a cohort study of 53 cases
Incidence and outcomes of women with Hodgkin's lymphoma in pregnancy: a population-based study on 7.9 million births
Differential utilization of expanded genetic screening tests in patients of reproductive ages from private and academic practices
Association of maternal blood pressure in pregnancy with blood pressure of their offspring through adolescence
Oxytocin utilization for labor induction in obese and lean women
Breech delivery in the all fours position: a prospective observational comparative study with classic assistance
Position at birth as an important factor for the occurrence of anal sphincter tears: a retrospective cohort study
Emergency peripartum hysterectomy and risk factors by mode of delivery and obstetric history: a 10-year review from Helsinki University Central Hospital
Delivery outcomes after day and night onset of labour
Perinatal outcome of congenital heart disease in a population with high consanguinity
Complex and irregular heart rate dynamics in fetuses compromised by maternal anemia as a high-risk pregnancy
Clinical application of fetal left modified myocardial performance index in the evaluation of fetal growth restriction
First-trimester fetal growth discordance and development of preeclampsia in dichorionic twin pregnancies
Neonatal outcome in pregnant patients with antiphospholipid syndrome
A longitudinal study of brainstem auditory response from birth to late term in late preterm babies and abnormal findings in high-risk babies
Suctioning habits in the delivery room and the influence on postnatal adaptation - a video analysis
Management of vasa previa during pregnancy
Uterine rupture after the uterine fundal pressure maneuver
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