Current topics on ultrasound in perinatology
Ultrasound in Africa: what can really be done?
3D/4D sonography - any safety problem
Controversial ultrasound findings in mid trimester pregnancy. Evidence based approach
Sonoembryology by 3D HDlive silhouette ultrasound - what is added by the “see-through fashion”?
How effective is ultrasound-based screening for trisomy 18 without the addition of biochemistry at the time of late first trimester?
Single center experience in selective feticide in high-order multiple pregnancy: clinical and ethical issues
Diagnostic accuracy of cervical elastography in predicting labor induction success: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Birth weight-related percentiles of brain ventricular system as a tool for assessment of posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus and ventricular enlargement
First trimester erythropoietin (EPO) serum concentration as a potential marker for abnormal placentation disorders. Reference values for erythropoietin (EPO) concentration at 11-13+6 weeks of gestation
Nonimmune fetal ascites: identification of ultrasound findings predictive of perinatal death
First trimester severe ductus venosus flow abnormalities in isolation or combination with other markers of aneuploidy and fetal anomalies
Evaluation of the adequacy of reference charts for the accurate identification of fetuses with bone length below the 5th percentile
Does ethnicity have an effect on fetal behavior? A comparison of Asian and Caucasian populations
Accuracy of ultrasound in estimating fetal weight and growth discordancy in triplet pregnancies
Fetal nasal bone length in the second trimester: comparison between population groups from different ethnic origins
Pregnancy outcome and long-term follow-up of fetuses with isolated increased NT: a retrospective cohort study
Effect of antenatal betamethasone administration on Doppler velocimetry of fetal and uteroplacental vessels: a prospective study
Fetal cerebro-placental ratio and adverse perinatal outcome: systematic review and meta-analysis of the association and diagnostic performance
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