Antepartum care
Late pregnancy - a clue to prolonging life?
The effect of cigarette smoking on fetal heart rate tracing during pregnancy
Correlation between markers of DNA and lipid oxidative damage in maternal and fetoplacental compartment in the mid-trimester of pregnancy
Hyperemesis gravidarum is associated with increased maternal serum ischemia-modified albumin
Can prepartum thromboelastometry-derived parameters and fibrinogen levels really predict postpartum hemorrhage?
Effect of DHA supplements during pregnancy on the concentration of PUFA in breast milk of Chinese lactating mothers
Ferric carboxymaltose vs. oral iron in the treatment of pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia: an international, open-label, randomized controlled trial (FER-ASAP)
Maternal and perinatal outcomes in pregnancies with multiple sclerosis: a case-control study
The role of vitamin B1-B2 and plasma lipid profile in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Hyponatremia associated with preeclampsia
Impact of routine transvaginal ultrasound monitoring of cervical length in twins on administration of antenatal corticosteroids
Does an ideal prototype of a twin mother exist?
Differential immunophenotype of macrophages in acute and chronic chorioamnionitis
Longitudinal changes of cardiotocographic parameters throughout pregnancy: a prospective cohort study comparing small-for-gestational-age and normal fetuses from 24 to 40 weeks
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