PDTRT Special Section : Methodological Issues in Personality Disorder Research
Assessing the Assessors : The Feasibility and Validity of Clinicians as a Source for Personality Disorder Research
Structural Equation Modeling of Personality Disorders and Pathological Personality Traits
A Five-Factor Model of Developmental Personality Pathology Precursors
Triarchic Dimensions of Psychopathy in Young Adulthood : Associations With Clinical and Physiological Measures After Accounting for Adolescent Psychopathic Traits
Stress Generation in Adolescence : Contributions From Five-Factor Model (FFM) Personality Traits and Childhood Maltreatment
Developmentally Sensitive Markers of Personality Functioning in Adolescents : Age-Specific and Age-Neutral Expressions
Hypermentalizing, Attachment, and Epistemic Trust in Adolescent BPD : Clinical Illustrations
Five-Year Prospective Investigation of Self-Harm/Suicide-Related Behaviors in the Development of Borderline Personality Disorder