Temporal situs of the effects of anticipated publicity upon commitment and resistance to countercommunication
Physical attractiveness and marital choice
Attitudinal and situational determinants of intended behavior toward blacks
Development of conformity and independence
Conflict and cooperation in potentially intense conflict situations
Motives and development
Effects of compatibility, crowding, group size, and leadership seniority on stress, anxiety, hostility, and annoyance in isolated groups
Cardiac activity and attitude
Role of responsibility and violated expectancy in the arousal of dissonance
Avoidance of continued success as a function of self-esteem, level of esteem certainty, and responsibility for success
Delay of gratification as a function of race of the experimenter
Intrinsic motivation, extrinsic reinforcement, and inequity
Role of choice and outcome on feelings of success and estimates of ability
Information processing, situation specificity, and the generality of risk-taking behavior