Transituational consistency as a dimension of personality
Dogmatism and tolerance for ambiguity as determinants of differential reactions to cognitive inconsistency
Attribution of educational outcomes by professional and nonprofessional instructors
Task uncertainty, decision importance, and group reinforcement as determinants of communication processes in groups
Task difficulty and the reinforcement effects of high− and low-frequency stimuli
Self-evaluation and reaction to a shifting other
Effects of similarity of fate on bad news transmission : A reexamination
Context effects in impression formation : Changes in connotative meaning
Development of interpersonal trust as a function of self-esteem, target status, and target style
Test anxiety, mood, and performance
The group risky-shift effect as a function of emotional bonds, actual consequences, and extent of responsibility
Role playing as a source of self-observation and behavior change
Dove-hawk placements in the 1968 election : Application of social judgment and balance theories
Level of destructive obedience as a function of transmitter and executant roles in the Milgram obedience paradigm
Dissonance and the pill : An attribution approach to studying the arousal properties of dissonance
Effects of accurate expectations and behavioral instructions on reactions during a noxious medical examination