Event Memory
Eyewitness Identification
When Discounting Fails
How Automatic Are Social Judgments?
Memory Deficits and Memory Surfeits
Becoming First Among Equals
Social Loafing on Difficult Tasks
Effects of Experience on Performance in a Replenishable Resource Trap
Effects of Dominance on Group Decision Making
Justice Is No Simple Matter
Test Anxiety and Visual Vigilance
Extraversion, Social Cognition, and the Salience of Aversiveness in Social Encounters
Self-Enhancement, Self-Assessment, and Self-Evaluative Task Choice
Excuse Theory
Moderator Variables and Different Types of Predictability
Moral Reasoning and Moral Conduct
A Comparison of One Free-Format and Two Fixed-Format Self-Report Personality Assessment Methods
Factors Governing the Effective Remediation of Negative Affect and Its Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences
Consistency of Assertive, Aggressive, and Submissive Behavior for Children
Depression and Preference for Self-Focusing Stimuli After Success and Failure
Pessimistic Self-Preoccupation, Performance Deficits, and Depression
Cognitive/Affective Reactions in the Improvement of Self-Esteem
Comparison of the Gender-Linked Language Effect and Sex Role Stereotypes
Induction of Depressive Affect After Prolonged Exposure to a Mildly Depressed Individual
Social Contract and Social Integration in Adolescent Development