The Linguistic Relativity of Person Cognition
Consequences of Priming
Enhancing Children's Interest in Activities Used as Rewards
Generalizing the Illusory Correlation Effect
Differences in Conceptualizing Self Versus Conceptualizing Other People as Manifested in Contrasting Verb Types Used in Natural Speech
Attributions as Inferences and Explanations
The Repulsion Hypothesis
The Attraction Hypothesis
Comment on a Proposed Two-Stage Theory of Relationship Formation
The Moderator-Mediator Variable Distinction in Social Psychological Research
Repeated Persuasion in Interpersonal Conflict
Enhancing the Prediction of Self-Handicapping
Social Roles and Social Perception
Defensive Pessimism
Hardiness, Type A Behavior, and the Stress-Illness Relation in Working Women
Global Self-Esteem
Multiple Roles, Social Networks, and Women's Well-Being
Attributional Processes in the Learned Helplessness Paradigm
Coping With Stress
Behavioral Self-Handicaps Versus Self-Reported Handicaps
Effects of Social Support and Battle Intensity on Loneliness and Breakdown During Combat
Coping in Stressful Episodes
Feedback Motivation and Reactions to Personality Interpretations That Differ in Favorability and Accuracy