Correction to Campbell et al. (1996)
Enhancing Self-Esteem by Directed-Thinking Tasks
Development and Mental Representation of Stereotypes
Automatic and Controlled Processes in Stereotype Priming
Effects of Suspicion on Attributional Thinking and the Correspondence Bias
Strategic Self-Promotion and Competitor Derogation
Knowledge Matters
Spatial Clustering in the Conformity Game
A Nonverbal Signal in Voices of Interview Partners Effectively Predicts Communication Accommodation and Social Status Perceptions
The Role of Loneliness and Social Support in Adjustment to Loss
The Relation Between Overly Positive Self-Evaluation and Adjustment
Psychometric Truths in the Absence of Psychological Meaning
Are Shame, Guilt, and Embarrassment Distinct Emotions?
Environmental and Personal Determinants of Support Perceptions
Assessing the MMPI-Based Cook–Medley Hostility Scale
Female and Male Personality Styles
On Fighting Versus Accepting Stressful Circumstances
Repressive Emotional Discreteness After Failure
Implications of Rejection Sensitivity for Intimate Relationships