Hedonic Consequences of Social Comparison
The Effect of Need and Ability to Achieve Cognitive Structuring on Cognitive Structuring
Social Categorization and Perceptual Judgment of Size
The View From Below
External Intergroup Threat as an Antecedent to Perceptions of In-Group and Out-Group Homogeneity
Hot Years and Serious and Deadly Assault
Personality and Experimental Psychology
Toward a Paradigm in Personality
Dispositional Paradigms
Higher-Order Factors of the Big Five
Role of Hope in Academic and Sport Achievement
Compromises Produced by the Dialectic Between Self-Verification and Self-Enhancement
Predictors and Consequences of Achievement Goals in the College Classroom
Effects of Variable Selection on the Factor Structure of Person Descriptors
Affect Intensity
From Game Theory to Real Life
Distinguishing Optimism From Pessimism in Older Adults
Evaluating Stability and Change in Personality and Depression
Voluntary Facial Expression of Emotion
Trait Self and True Self
Competitiveness Mediates the Link Between Personality and Group Performance
Working Models of Attachment and Daily Social Interactions
Creating Satisfaction in Steady Dating Relationships