Mental Representations of the Self, Significant Others, and Nonsignificant Others : Structure and Processing of Private and Public Aspects
Seeing One Thing and Doing Another : Contrast Effects in Automatic Behavior
Guilty by Association : When One's Group Has a Negative History
Negative Information Weighs More Heavily on the Brain : The Negativity Bias in Evaluative Categorizations
Proneness to Prejudiced Responses : Toward Understanding the Authenticity of Self-Reported Discrepancies
How Do Individuals Expect to Be Viewed by Members of Lower Status Groups? Content and Implications of Meta-Stereotypes
The Process of Inductive Inference in Groups : The Use of Positive and Negative Hypothesis and Target Testing in Sequential Rule-Discovery Tasks
Sex Differences in Perceived Controllability of Mate Value : An Evolutionary Perspective
The Self-Esteem Motive in Social Influence : Agreement With Valued Majorities and Disagreement With Derogated Minorities
The Role of Categorization and In-Group Norms in Judgments of Groups and Their Members
Emotional Intelligence : In Search of an Elusive Construct
The Role of Dispositional and Situational Factors in Cognitive Interference
On the Dynamic Covariation Between Interpersonal Behavior and Affect : Prediction From Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Agreeableness
Attributions of Depressed Persons : How Consistent Are They With the Covariation Principle?
The Roots of Ego-Control in Young Adulthood : Links With Parenting in Early Childhood
Victimization by Peers : Associations With Children's Reports of Mother–Child Interaction