Mental Representations of the Self, Significant Others, and Nonsignificant Others
Seeing One Thing and Doing Another
Guilty by Association
Negative Information Weighs More Heavily on the Brain
Proneness to Prejudiced Responses
How Do Individuals Expect to Be Viewed by Members of Lower Status Groups? Content and Implications of Meta-Stereotypes
The Process of Inductive Inference in Groups
Sex Differences in Perceived Controllability of Mate Value
The Self-Esteem Motive in Social Influence
The Role of Categorization and In-Group Norms in Judgments of Groups and Their Members
Emotional Intelligence
The Role of Dispositional and Situational Factors in Cognitive Interference
On the Dynamic Covariation Between Interpersonal Behavior and Affect
Attributions of Depressed Persons
The Roots of Ego-Control in Young Adulthood
Victimization by Peers