Stepping Back to See the Big Picture
Malleability in Communal Goals and Beliefs Influences Attraction to STEM Careers
Restoration Process of the Need for Autonomy
Seeking Security or Growth
Personal Relative Deprivation, Delay Discounting, and Gambling
Patterns of Stability in Adult Attachment
Implicit and Explicit Preferences for Physical Attractiveness in a Romantic Partner
When and Why Do Ideal Partner Preferences Affect the Process of Initiating and Maintaining Romantic Relationships?
Self-Presentational Persona
Stress Resilience in Early Marriage
Are Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Personality Profiles Meaningful? Differential Item and Facet Functioning in the Revised NEO Personality Inventory
Relating Trait Self-Control and Forgiveness Within Prosocials and Proselfs
Wanting, Having, and Needing
Multifinality in Implicit Choice