Obstacles to the Integration of Abortion Into Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice
Exploring Variation in Teenage Mothers' and Fathers' Educational Attainment
Family Discussions About Contraception And Family Planning: A Qualitative Exploration Of Black Parent and Adolescent Perspectives
Parental Consent for Abortion and the Judicial Bypass Option in Arkansas: Effects and Correlates
Unintended Births: Patterns by Race and Ethnicity And Relationship Type
Pregnancy Intentions and Teenage Pregnancy Among Latinas: A Mediation Analysis
Sexual Intercourse and Oral Sex Among Public Middle School Students: Prevalence and Correlates
Partner Age Differences, Educational Contexts And Adolescent Female Sexual Activity
Rates of HIV Infection Higher Among Hispanics Than Among Whites Tested at CDC-Funded Sites
Sexual Partner Selection Varies by Race Among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Program Helps Pregnant Women Reduce Exposure To Secondhand Smoke
Distinct Profile Found Among Women Ambivalent About Becoming Pregnant
Adolescents May Not Always Receive Essential Reproductive Health Services from Their Pediatrician
Gay and Bisexual Men Are Largely Receptive To HPV Vaccination
Most Pregnant Women Are Not as Physically Active As Is Recommended
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