Abortion Incidence and Service Availability In the United States, 2011
Young Women's Contraceptive Microbicide Preferences: Associations with Contraceptive Behavior and Sexual Relationship Characteristics
Changes in State Prescription Contraceptive Mandates For Insurers: The Effect on Women's Contraceptive Use
Associations Between Life Contexts and Early Sexual Initiation Among Young Women in France
Relationship Types and Contraceptive Use Within Young Adult Dating Relationships
No Increase in Sexual Risk Behaviors Seen After Men at Risk of HIV Start Preexposure Prophylaxis
Receipt of STD Services Is Up Among U.S. Women, But Not in All Subgroups
Male and Female High School Youth May View Abstinence Differently
Many Minors Involve Their Parents, Partners In Abortion Decisions
Adolescents Who Acquire Bacterial STDs Have Elevated Risk of Later Testing Positive for HIV
Sexuality Talks During Adolescents' Checkups Often Lacking or Brief
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