Neuropeptide Y modulation of ethanol intake: Effects of ethanol drinking history and genetic background

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Intracerebroventricular administration of NPY suppresses ethanol intake in selectively bred alcohol-preferring rat lines, but not in rats selectively bred for low ethanol drinking or in unselected Wistar rats, when access to ethanol is limited to 2 h/day. However, when rats undergo chronic (24 h/day) ethanol drinking (or exposure to ethanol by vapor inhalation) and have periods of imposed ethanol abstinence, the reductions in ethanol drinking following NPY administration are enhanced in alcohol-preferring rats and are also observed in unselected Wistar rats. Thus, sensitivity to the effects of NPY on ethanol drinking appears to be altered by selective breeding for ethanol preference and by a prior history of chronic but intermittent exposure to ethanol.

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