Identification of cDNAs encoding allatotropin and allatotropin-like peptides from the silkworm,Bombyx mori

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The cDNAs encoding allatotropin (AT) and allatotropin-like peptides (ATLPs) were isolated from the silkworm, Bombyx mori. Similar to those of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, four peptides (AT, ATLP1, ATLP2, and ATLP3) are present in three different variants generated by alternative splicing. RT-PCR analyses showed that these splice variants are expressed in the central nervous system with differing expression patterns in each ganglion. Immunohistochemistry using an anti-AT antibody confirmed that AT-expressing cells were located in these central nervous ganglia as well as in two large anterior cells of the frontal ganglia. Injection of synthetic AT and ATLP-1 into B. mori larvae increased the latency to feed, indicating that AT and ATLP might function in the regulation of feeding behavior in B. mori.

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