Elabela, a newly discovered APJ ligand: Similarities and differences with Apelin

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HIGHLIGHTSElabela is a recently identified peptide in the APJ axis.The roles of Elabela are similar to those of Apelin, the only other known APJ ligand.Elabela is a potential treatment target for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.Future research on Elabela should be guided by previous studies of Apelin.The Apelin/APJ system is involved in a wide range of biological functions. For a long time, Apelin was thought to be the only ligand for APJ. Recently, a new peptide that acts via APJ and has similar functions, called Elabela, was identified. Elabela has beneficial effects on body fluid homeostasis, cardiovascular health, and renal insufficiency, as well as potential benefits for metabolism and diabetes. In this review, the properties and biological functions of this new peptide are discussed in comparison with those of Apelin. Important areas for future study are also discussed, with the consideration that research on Apelin could guide future research on Elabela.

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