Correlation of Growth and Breakdown of Major and Accessory Minerals in Metapelites from Campolungo, Central Alps
Tracking Open-system Differentiation during Growth of Santa María Volcano, Guatemala
Dynamics of the Development of the Isle au Haut Gabbro–Diorite Layered Complex : Quantitative Implications for Mafic–Silicic Magma Interactions
Isotopic Evolution of the Idaho Batholith and Challis Intrusive Province, Northern US Cordillera
Volatile Evolution of Magma Associated with the Solchiaro Eruption in the Phlegrean Volcanic District (Italy)
Thermodynamic Model for the Effect of Post-entrapment Crystallization on the H2O–CO2 Systematics of Vapor-saturated, Silicate Melt Inclusions
Consequences of Channelized and Diffuse Melt Transport in Supra-subduction Zone Mantle : Evidence from the Voykar Ophiolite (Polar Urals)