Origin of Basalts in a Hot Subduction Setting : Petrological and Geochemical Insights from Mt. Baker, Northern Cascade Arc
The Beni Bousera Peridotite (Rif Belt, Morocco) : an Oblique-slip Low-angle Shear Zone Thinning the Subcontinental Mantle Lithosphere
Conduit- to Localized-scale Degassing during Plinian Eruptions : Insights from Major Element and Volatile (Cl and H2O) Analyses within Vesuvius AD 79 Pumice
Processes in Caldera-Forming High-Silica Rhyolite Magma : Rb–Sr and Pb Isotope Systematics of the Otowi Member of the Bandelier Tuff, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, USA
Is the ‘Azores Hotspot’ a Wetspot? Insights from the Geochemistry of Fluid and Melt Inclusions in Olivine of Pico Basalts
New Perspectives on the Bishop Tuff from Zircon Textures, Ages and Trace Elements
High-pressure Reactive Melt Stagnation Recorded in Abyssal Pyroxenites from the Ultraslow-spreading Lena Trough, Arctic Ocean