Antioxidant Properties of Isolated Isorhamnetin from the Sea Buckthorn Marc

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In the present study, the process of separation and purification of isohamnetin from marc of sea buckthorn was obtained. The antioxidant properties of the pure isolated isorhamnetin were evaluated by the scavenging of the diphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH), iron (III) to iron (II)—reducing, and iron-chelating assays. High purity isorhamnetin (92.1%) was obtained and the results of antioxidant assays showed that isorhamnetin performed significantly compared with ascorbic acid and BHT, and the linear correlations were good in these assays. In conclusion, isorhamnetin may have potential as a natural antioxidant to alternate synthetic substances as food additive with its antioxidant activity.

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