In honour of the 70th birthday of Professor Sergio Pinzauti
Mixture experiment methods in the development and optimization of microemulsion formulations
An overview of recent studies on the analysis of pharmaceutical polymorphs
Recent advances in the application of transmission Raman spectroscopy to pharmaceutical analysis
The use of atomic spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical industry for the determination of trace elements in pharmaceuticals
Strategies for the identification, control and determination of genotoxic impurities in drug substances: A pharmaceutical industry perspective
Recent progress in microchip electrophoresis–mass spectrometry
Analytical challenges in drug counterfeiting and falsification—The NMR approach
Fundamental aspects of chiral electromigration techniques and application in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
Recent advances in the analysis of carbohydrates for biomedical use
Advances in the analysis of steroid hormone drugs in pharmaceuticals and environmental samples (2004–2010)
Recent advances on HPLC/MS in medicinal plant analysis
Advanced analysis of nutraceuticals
Capillary electrophoresis of phytochemical substances in herbal drugs and medicinal plants
Strategies for quality control of Chinese medicines
Intact protein analysis in the biopharmaceutical field
Capillary electrophoresis as a metabolomics tool for non-targeted fingerprinting of biological samples
Proteomics by mass spectrometry—Go big or go home?
Advances in the analysis of non-allowed pharmacologically active substances in cosmetic products
Advances in validation, risk and uncertainty assessment of bioanalytical methods