Binding mechanism of the tyrosine-kinase inhibitor nilotinib to human serum albumin determined by 1H STD NMR, 19F NMR, and molecular modeling
LC-ESI-MS/MS estimation of loratadine-loaded self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems in rat plasma: Pharmacokinetic evaluation and computer simulations by GastroPlus™
Serum-based protein biomarkers of bladder cancer: A pre- and post-operative evaluation
Development and validation of a highly sensitive LC–MS/MS-ESI method for quantification of IIIM-019—A novel nitroimidazole derivative with promising action against Tuberculosis: Application to drug development
Proton NMR for detection, identification and quantification of adulterants in 160 herbal food supplements marketed for weight loss
Quantitative performance of a quadrupole-orbitrap-MS in targeted LC–MS determinations of small molecules
Determination of benzophenones in lipophilic extract of Brazilian red propolis, nanotechnology-based product and porcine skin and mucosa: Analytical and bioanalytical assays
Application of an LC–MS/MS method for reliable determination of amodiaquine, N-desethylamodiaquine, artesunate and dihydroartemisinin in human plasma for a bioequivalence study in healthy Indian subjects
A reference substance free diagnostic fragment ion-based approach for rapid identification of non-target components in Pudilan Xiaoyan oral liquid by high resolution mass spectrometry
Rapid analysis of Callicarpa L. using direct spray ionization mass spectrometry
Direct determination of GSK-3β activity and inhibition by UHPLC-UV–vis diode arrays detector (DAD)
Determination of the total drug-related chlorine and bromine contents in human blood plasma using high performance liquid chromatography–tandem ICP-mass spectrometry (HPLC–ICP-MS/MS)
A 1H NMR-based metabolomics approach to evaluate the geographical authenticity of herbal medicine and its application in building a model effectively assessing the mixing proportion of intentional admixtures: A case study of Panax ginseng
A rapid and comprehensive quality assessing method of Yin-Qiao-Jie-Du tablets using UHPLC-QTOF-MS in combination with multivariate statistical analysis
Simultaneous determination of mangiferin and neomangiferin in rat plasma by UPLC–MS/MS and its application for pharmacokinetic study
Determination of a potential antitumor quassinoid in rat plasma by UPLC–MS/MS and its application in a pharmacokinetic study
Direct screening of tobacco indicators in urine and saliva by Atmospheric Pressure Solid Analysis Probe coupled to quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometry (ASAP-MS-Q-TOF-)
The use of asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with on-line detection in the study of drug retention within liposomal nanocarriers and drug transfer kinetics
Mechanistic considerations of enantiorecognition on novel Cinchona alkaloid-based zwitterionic chiral stationary phases from the aspect of the separation of trans-paroxetine enantiomers as model compounds
A single marker choice strategy in simultaneous characterization and quantification of multiple components by rapid resolution liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry (RRLC-QqQ-MS)
Optimization of ultrasound assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of six antidepressants in human plasma using experimental design
In vivo and in vitro metabolism of the designer anabolic steroid furazadrol in thoroughbred racehorses
Raman spectroscopy for the analytical quality control of low-dose break-scored tablets
Simultaneous determination of selected tyrosine kinase inhibitors with corticosteroids and antiemetics in rat plasma by solid phase extraction and ultra-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry: Application to pharmacokinetic interaction studies
Development of complementary HPLC-DAD/APCI MS methods for chemical characterization of pharmaceutical packaging materials
Metabonomic study of the fruits of Alpinia oxyphylla as an effective treatment for chronic renal injury in rats
Semi-quantitative prediction of a multiple API solid dosage form with a combination of vibrational spectroscopy methods
Antioxidant capacity and phenolic compounds of Lonicerae macranthoides by HPLC–DAD–QTOF-MS/MS
Method optimization and validation for the determination of eight sulfonamides in chicken muscle and eggs by modified QuEChERS and liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
HPLC method development, validation, and impurity characterization of a potent antitumor indenoisoquinoline, LMP776 (NSC 725776)
Highly sensitive solid forms discrimination on the whole tablet of the active ingredients in quercetin dietary supplements by NMR crystallography approaches
Quantitative analysis of highly similar salvianolic acids with 1H qNMR for quality control of traditional Chinese medicinal preparation Salvianolate Lyophilized Injection
UFLC–MS/MS determination and pharmacokinetic studies of six Saikosaponins in rat plasma after oral administration of Bupleurum Dropping Pills
Serum albumin as a probe for testing the selectivity of irreversible cysteine protease inhibitors: The case of vinyl sulfones
Development and validation of a UHPLC–MS/MS assay for colistin methanesulphonate (CMS) and colistin in human plasma and urine using weak-cation exchange solid-phase extraction
Isotope Inversion Experiment evaluating the suitability of calibration in surrogate matrix for quantification via LC–MS/MS—Exemplary application for a steroid multi-method
Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole/time of flight mass spectrometry based chemical profiling approach for the holistic quality control of complex Kang-Jing formula preparations
Procedure optimization for extracting short-chain fatty acids from human faeces
Directional reflectance analysis for identifying counterfeit drugs: Preliminary study
HPLC method development for the online-coupling of chromatographic Perilla frutescens extract separation with xanthine oxidase enzymatic assay
Structural characterization of low level degradants in aztreonam injection and an innovative approach to aid HPLC method validation
A UHPLC-UV-QTOF study on the stability of carfilzomib, a novel proteasome inhibitor
The LC–MS method for the simultaneous analysis of selected fat-soluble vitamins and their metabolites in serum samples obtained from pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis
A selective and sensitive stability-Indicating HPLC method for the validated assay of etoposide from commercial dosage form and polymeric tubular nanocarriers
Determination of antazoline and tetrahydrozoline in ophthalmic solutions by capillary electrophoresis and stability-indicating HPLC methods
Analytical strategies to assess the functional metabolome of vitamin E