Circular dichroism analysis of the calicheamicin-DNA interaction revisited
Induced circularly polarized luminescence for revealing DNA binding with fluorescent dyes
Analysis of stereoselective drug interactions with serum proteins by high-performance affinity chromatography: A historical perspective
An indirect stereoselective analysis of nebivolol glucuronides in plasma by LC–MS/MS: Application to clinical pharmacokinetics
N -Decyl- S -trityl-( R )-cysteine, a new chiral selector for “green” ligand-exchange chromatography applications
The role of chirality in a set of key intermediates of pharmaceutical interest, 3-aryl-substituted-γ-butyrolactones, evidenced by chiral HPLC separation and by chiroptical spectroscopies
Determination of the absolute configuration of a novel tetrasubstituted isoindolinone by vibrational circular dichroism
Application of Mosher's method for absolute configuration assignment to bioactive plants and fungi metabolites
GC–MS based Gestational Diabetes Mellitus longitudinal study: Identification of 2-and 3-hydroxybutyrate as potential prognostic biomarkers
Development and validation of a quantification method for cucurbitacins E and I in rat plasma: Application to population pharmacokinetic studies
Ultra-fast quantitation of voriconazole in human plasma by coated blade spray mass spectrometry
Pharmacokinetic profile of bilberry anthocyanins in rats and the role of glucose transporters: LC–MS/MS and computational studies
Comparative pharmacodynamic analysis of imidazoline compounds using rat model of ocular mydriasis with a test of quantitative structure–activity relationships
Characterization of oxycodone in vitro metabolism by human cytochromes P450 and UDP-glucuronosyltransferases
Structural and functional integrity of human serum albumin: Analytical approaches and clinical relevance in patients with liver cirrhosis
Targeted proteomics of cannabinoid receptor CB1 and the CB1b isoform
Application of an ESI-QTOF method for the detailed characterization of GSK-3β inhibitors
Quantitative estimation of cholinesterase-specific drug metabolism of carbamate inhibitors provided by the analysis of the area under the inhibition-time curve
A new method to characterize the kinetics of cholinesterases inhibited by carbamates
Cyclodextrins as inhibitors of the precipitation of riboflavin-5’-phosphate due to presence of zinc chloride: A NMR investigation
Monitoring drug–serum protein interactions for early ADME prediction through Surface Plasmon Resonance technology
Capillary electrophoresis in the context of drug discovery
Simultaneous analysis of nucleobases, nucleosides and ginsenosides in ginseng extracts using supercritical fluid chromatography coupled with single quadrupole mass spectrometry
Combined approach using capillary electrophoresis, NMR and molecular modeling for ambrisentan related substances analysis: Investigation of intermolecular affinities, complexation and separation mechanism
Molecularly imprinted polymer for glutathione by modified precipitation polymerization and its application to determination of glutathione in supplements
Efficacy of a titanium dioxide nanoparticles − based indoor anti-odor product as assessed by electronic nose and gaschromatography–mass spectrometry
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Application of a rapid HILIC-UV method for synthesis optimization and stability studies of immunogenic neo -glycoconjugates
Simple and rapid LC–MS method for the determination of circulating albumin microheterogeneity in veal calves exposed to heat stress
Molecular fingerprinting of principal neurons in the rodent hippocampus: A neuroinformatics approach