Extraction of Natural Substances with Dense Gases
Pyrazolopyrimidine Metabolism in Parasitic Protozoa
Pharmacokinetics and Metabolic Fate of Two Nitroxides Potentially Useful as Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging5
Radioreceptor Assay of Narcotic Analgesics in Serum
A Radioimmunoassay for Determination of Glibenclamide and Other Sulfonylureas
Transmucosal Passage of Liposomally-Entrapped Drugs in Rat Small Intestine
Antipyrine—New Light on an Old Drug
Prostaglandin E1-induced Catalepsy in the Rat
Morphine Inhibition of Theophylline Clearance
Delayed Ethanol Elimination in Rats after Application of Cefamandole or Cefoperazone
Therapeutic Systems
Measurement of Blood Flow and Local Tissue Energy Production by Thermal Methods, Evaluation of Methodology.