Drug Discovery—Today and Tomorrow
Pharmacodynamics of Zoxazolamine and Chlorzoxazone in Rats
Searching for the Endogenous Benzodiazepine Using the Graph Theoretical Approach1
The Effects of Phthalimide and Saccharin Derivatives on Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Receptor Activity and Related Enzyme Activities
Hygroscopicity of Cefazolin Sodium
Estimation of the Degree of Crystallinity of Cefazolin Sodium by X-Ray and Infrared Methods
Receptor Binding Studies of the Flavone, REC 15/2053, and Other Bladder Spasmolytics
Evidence for the Involvement of a Nitrenium Ion in the Covalent Binding of Nitrofurazone to DNA
Dextromethorphan Pretreatment Induces Antipyrine Clearance in the Rat
Protein Binding of Cocaine in Human Serum
A New System for In Vitro Studies of Iontophoresis
Teratogenic and Behavioral Anomalies Induced by Acute Exposure of Mice to Ethanol and Their Possible Relation to Fetal Brain DNA Synthesis
Absorption Enhancement of Rectally Infused Cefoxitin Sodium by Medium-Chain Fatty Acids in Conscious Rats
Percutaneous Absorption of Nicardipine and Ketorolac in Rhesus Monkeys
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