The Effect of pH and Temperature on the Self-Association of Recombinant Human Interleukin-2 as Studied by Equilibrium Sedimentation
Interdomain Interactions in the Chimeric Protein Toxin sCD4(178)-PE40
Primary Interactions of Three Quaternary Ammonium Compounds with Blastospores of Candida albicans (MEN Strain)
Antitumor Effect of Arterial Administration of a Medium-Chain Triglyceride Solution of an Angiogenesis Inhibitor, TNP-470, in Rabbits Bearing VX-2 Carcinoma
Selective Inhibition of Bitter Taste of Various Drugs by Lipoprotein
Prolonged Blood Circulation in Rats of Nanospheres Surface-Modified with Semitelechelic Poly[N-(2-Hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide],
Modelling Mucoadhesion by Use of Surface Energy Terms Obtained from the Lewis Acid–Lewis Base Approach. II. Studies on Anionic, Cationic, and Unionisable Polymers
Autoradiographic Imaging of the Distribution of 5-Fluorouracil Through Cervical Tissue Following in Vitro Surface Application of a Bioadhesive Cervical Patch
Interaction Between Bile Salts and β-Adrenoceptor Antagonists
Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Diazepam by Submicron Emulsion (SME) Creams
Comparison of Intestinal Permeabilities Determined in Multiple in Vitro and in Situ Models
The Role of Metabolites in Bioequivalency Assessment. II. Drugs with Linear Pharmacokinetics and First-Pass Effect
Monoclonal Digoxin-Specific Antibodies Induce Dose-and Affinity-Dependent Plasma Digoxin Redistribution in Rats
The Distribution of Oleic Acid Between Salbutamol Base Drug and Different Propellant Blends
Pharmacokinetics of Oral Extended-Release Dosage Forms. I. Release Kinetics, Concentration, and Absorbed Fraction
Experimental Design and Efficient Parameter Estimation in Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Studies**
Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for Degradation Products of Adinazolam Mesylate in a Sustained Release Tablet Formulation
Quantitative Microdialysis for Studying the in Vivo L-DOPA Kinetics in Blood and Skeletal Muscle of the Dog
The Electrophoretic Mobility of Tripeptides as a Function of pH and Ionic Strength
Analysis of Diclofenac and Four of Its Metabolites in Human Urine by HPLC
Prodrugs to Improve the Oral Bioavailability of a Diacidic Nonpeptide Angiotensin II Antagonist
Electrolyte-Induced Changes in Glass Transition Temperatures of Freeze-Concentrated Solutes
Process-Induced Crystallinity Changes in Albuterol Sulfate and Its Effect on Powder Physical Stability
Gastric pH Influences the Appearance of Double Peaks in the Plasma Concentration-Time Profiles of Cimetidine After Oral Administration in Dogs
Drug Release from Semisolids
Model Features of a Cardiac lontophoretic Drug Delivery Implant
Dose-Dependent Brain Delivery of Zidovudine Through the Use of a Zidovudine Chemical Delivery System