The Effect of pH and Temperature on the Self-Association of Recombinant Human Interleukin-2 as Studied by Equilibrium Sedimentation
Interdomain Interactions in the Chimeric Protein Toxin sCD4(178)-PE40 : A Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Study
Primary Interactions of Three Quaternary Ammonium Compounds with Blastospores of Candida albicans (MEN Strain)
Antitumor Effect of Arterial Administration of a Medium-Chain Triglyceride Solution of an Angiogenesis Inhibitor, TNP-470, in Rabbits Bearing VX-2 Carcinoma
Selective Inhibition of Bitter Taste of Various Drugs by Lipoprotein
Prolonged Blood Circulation in Rats of Nanospheres Surface-Modified with Semitelechelic Poly[N-(2-Hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide],
Modelling Mucoadhesion by Use of Surface Energy Terms Obtained from the Lewis Acid–Lewis Base Approach. II. Studies on Anionic, Cationic, and Unionisable Polymers
Autoradiographic Imaging of the Distribution of 5-Fluorouracil Through Cervical Tissue Following in Vitro Surface Application of a Bioadhesive Cervical Patch
Interaction Between Bile Salts and β-Adrenoceptor Antagonists
Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Diazepam by Submicron Emulsion (SME) Creams
Comparison of Intestinal Permeabilities Determined in Multiple in Vitro and in Situ Models : Relationship to Absorption in Humans
The Role of Metabolites in Bioequivalency Assessment. II. Drugs with Linear Pharmacokinetics and First-Pass Effect
Monoclonal Digoxin-Specific Antibodies Induce Dose-and Affinity-Dependent Plasma Digoxin Redistribution in Rats
The Distribution of Oleic Acid Between Salbutamol Base Drug and Different Propellant Blends
Pharmacokinetics of Oral Extended-Release Dosage Forms. I. Release Kinetics, Concentration, and Absorbed Fraction
Experimental Design and Efficient Parameter Estimation in Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Studies**
Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for Degradation Products of Adinazolam Mesylate in a Sustained Release Tablet Formulation
Quantitative Microdialysis for Studying the in Vivo L-DOPA Kinetics in Blood and Skeletal Muscle of the Dog
The Electrophoretic Mobility of Tripeptides as a Function of pH and Ionic Strength : Comparison with Iontophoretic Flux Data
Analysis of Diclofenac and Four of Its Metabolites in Human Urine by HPLC
Prodrugs to Improve the Oral Bioavailability of a Diacidic Nonpeptide Angiotensin II Antagonist
Electrolyte-Induced Changes in Glass Transition Temperatures of Freeze-Concentrated Solutes
Process-Induced Crystallinity Changes in Albuterol Sulfate and Its Effect on Powder Physical Stability
Gastric pH Influences the Appearance of Double Peaks in the Plasma Concentration-Time Profiles of Cimetidine After Oral Administration in Dogs
Drug Release from Semisolids : Effect of Membrane Permeability on Sensitivity to Product Parameters
Model Features of a Cardiac lontophoretic Drug Delivery Implant
Dose-Dependent Brain Delivery of Zidovudine Through the Use of a Zidovudine Chemical Delivery System