Healthcare rationing in NZ - more debate needed
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R&D and mega-mergers : wounding a few sacred cows
Cost-saving potential of generics underestimated
Ask asthma patients about QOL, says UK RCP
Infliximab in Crohn's disease : working group recommendations
PURSUIT economic substudy : eptifibatide in Western Europe
Greater efficacy of IV vs oral ganciclovir comes at a price
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Irinotecan in metastatic colorectal cancer : an update
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Paclitaxel + cisplatin cost effective in NSCLC
Hospital programme reduces antibacterial resistance and costs
Anxiety a costly concern
Methohexital then desflurane for ambulatory anaesthesia
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Quality of Life Aspects
Bisoprolol vs bendroflumethiazide for hypertension
Mitoxantrone plus hydrocortisone beneficial in prostate cancer
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Outcomes Research Manager
Wide variation in estimated UK costs for zanamivir use
WHO funds centre for integrated health services study
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