Economic modelling: 'voodoo science' or useful tool?
Guidelines improve survival in unstable angina
Prodigy gives migraine sufferers a headache
Cost effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccine debatable
Clinical trials enhance physicians' product awareness
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PPI-based dual therapy not the best bet for H. pylori infection
Diabetes programme breaks even in first year
IFN-α-2b + ribavirin preferred initial treatment for hep C
Zanamivir good value for 'flu in high-risk Australians
Large savings claimed with CHF programme
Intervention to promote rational prescribing successful in the UK
Risk assessment for preterm birth cost saving?
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Gemcitabine preferable to etoposide for cisplatin-based NSCLC chemo
Antihypertensive use has doubled in Spain
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IVF: cost per delivery increases with age
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Milnacipran improves QOL in patients recovered from depression
Palliative chemotherapy in breast cancer: response-QOL link
Cut-price deal for TB drugs awaited
HMO forces drug price cuts
UK NHS 10-year blueprint revealed
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