Future consumer benefits necessitate market-based prices
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UK NICE guidance on use of GP IIb/IIIa antagonists released
Study on quality of last year of life challenged
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Preventing CMV infection - which strategy's best?
DM revenues larger than predicted
US women physicians too keen on aspirin?
Time to abandon 'best supportive care' as standard of care for NSCLC?
HRT underused in postmenopausal women at high CHD risk
Epoetin-α in heart surgery patients - not worth the cost?
Screening for high-grade dysplasia in GORD cost effective?
NRT for pregnant/lactating smokers more likely under obstetric care
Colorectal cancer news from EORTC's 2nd European Conference on the Economics of Cancer
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Lipid-lowering therapy for patients with diabetes and hyperlipidaemia
Obesity a heavy burden in the UK
Depression takes its toll on US employers
StatusOne for high-risk patients yields millions
Adjuvant chemotherapy preserves QOL in breast cancer
Swiss heroin prescription programme improves QOL
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Italian health ministry funds Alzheimer's project
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