Use of QOL and outcome measures in epilepsy substandard
Recommendations for dyslipidaemia therapy in HIV infection
Irritable bowel syndrome takes its toll
Strong privacy rules essential in e-health
Call to study diabetes hospitalisation costs in developing countries
Medical costs more than double in paediatric patients with ADHD
Clopidogrel, or aspirin + a PPI - not much in it
Valaciclovir warranted as CMV prophylaxis in renal transplant
Amiodarone for AF prevention means increased resource use
Multidrug-resistant TB: cost of care underestimated
Touch-screen computer system cuts costs of SF-36 data collection
More than sensitivity needed with new cervical cancer screening
Tibolone: additional cost negligible in postmenopausal women
Interferon-α-2b + ribavirin cost effective for mild hepatitis C
School-based sexual risk reduction programme yields net benefit
Greater gains seen with longer stays in DM programmes
OPAT programme 'economically attractive'
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Canadian elderly pay too much for brandname drugs
Patient privacy regulations announced in the US
HIV/AIDS drugs: problems and solutions for developing countries
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