Factors driving US drug sales growth
Hospitalisation a surrogate for cost and burden of therapy
Ceftriaxone - a better deal than older cephalosporins
Improved health in US elderly due to Medicare?
UK NICE guidance on gemcitabine for pancreatic cancer
US ACIP updates its influenza recommendations
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Rating utilities in RA
Adjunctive amifostine head and shoulders above standard therapy
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High-risk patients benefit from zanamivir for influenza A and B
Migraine patients dissatisfied with treatment in Europe, US
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Atorvastatin more cost effective than pravastatin, simvastatin
Gynaecological ambulatory-care patterns identify barriers in US
Asthma is costly for MCOs
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Increase in antidepressant use in Denmark mainly due to SSRIs
Extra cost of abciximab justified in PCI?
Sildenafil uptake lower than expected in Ireland
Pharmacist intervention potentially cost saving in Australia
Multiple NSAID use costs US Medicare managed care
Temozolomide improves QOL in anaplastic astrocytoma
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Japan's new PM promises healthcare reform
Drug prices drop in Norway
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