The price to pay for pharmaceutical innovation
Improving the value of cost-effectiveness league tables
Hepatitis B significant cost burden in Asia
Internet herbal product marketing often "unethical"
New CVD guidelines contain lower BP, cholesterol targets
Rizatriptan maximises work productivity in migraine
A nationwide campaign addressing the appropriate use of HRT has been launched by the US FDA.
Recommendations against the use of betacarotene supplements for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or cancer have been published by the US Preventive Services Task Force
Imatinib mesylate economically feasible in advanced CML
Out-of-pocket costs a barrier to diabetes preventive care
The rates of influenza virus vaccination are suboptimal among patients with asthma,
Chronic conditions, such as asthma and obesity, cost US businesses billions of dollars annually in health insurance costs and lost productivity,
Chronic HF management still suboptimal in the UK
A multicentre intervention can improve certain process and outcome measures for patients hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia
Oseltamivir cost effective for elderly with influenza
Medical comorbidity increases global burden of depression
Statin use improves psychological well-being in CAD
Tegafur/uracil less costly than fluorouracil in colorectal cancer
Very few patients with diabetes mellitus understand the condition and how to manage it,
Antibacterial self-medication prevalent in Russian households
Bloodstream infections raise costs in end-stage renal disease
Moderate or occasional analgesic use does not increase the risk of kidney disorders,
Economic burden of OA resting on government in Hong Kong
Postoperative pain poorly managed in the US
The first generic versions of paroxetine and citalopram in the US will have a more profound effect on prescribing behaviour in the antidepressant market than did the launch of generic fluoxetine in 2001,
The generic drugs market in Switzerland realised significant growth of almost 40% in the first half of 2003
Biotech the loser under Germany's public health reform
Pharma growth dominated by European firms
The deadline by which Boehringer Ingelheim has to supply additional efficacy and safety data on nevirapine to the Medicine Control Council in South Africa has been extended,
Costly marketing battle expected between rosuvastatin, atorvastatin
Access to HIV drugs widened in Cambodia