A new report may help disease management (DM) providers to evaluate the worth of particular DM programmes.
Elderly women with breast cancer being denied treatment
NCQA report uncovers inadequate best care practice
Developing countries urged to step up health investment
Less toxicity with pemetrexed spells savings in NSCLC
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Topical retinoids are underused among patients with acne vulgaris in the US,
Epoetin-alfa cost effective in breast cancer with anaemia
Benzodiazepine use high in patients with comorbid disorders
Antineoplastics and mucositis: clinical and economic cost high
NSAID use is "fairly high" among elderly patients with osteoarthritis in the US, and notable gender differences exist,
Bupropion successful despite imperfect use
Antipsychotic dosage affects outcomes in schizophrenia
Biological agents drive costs in RA
NSAID prescribing: channelling bias and GI risk
Stent placement cost neutral vs PTCA for US Medicare
PD costs rise with increasing disease severity, patient age
Hospitalisation rates for patients with HIV/HCV* co-infection increased significantly between 1995 and 2000,
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Letrozole warranted for postmenopausal breast cancer
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Acute treatment of subarachnoid haemorrhage cost effective
A training programme implemented in primary care "did not ultimately affect the weight" of a cohort of obese patients,
D-Ribose improves QOL in CAD/CHF
There is a "borderline statistically significant socio-economic health difference with regard to OTC drug use" among adolescents in The Netherlands,
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QOL outcomes complex after prostate cancer treatment
A National Coverage Decision Memorandum for the use of immunochemical faecal occult blood tests to screen for colorectal cancer has been announced
WHO endorses fixed-dose triple combination HIV therapy
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In the first 8 months of 2003, there was a 22.4% increase in the production of pharmaceuticals and related raw materials in Hungary
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