The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) has released a report on strengthening the supply of routinely recommended vaccines in the US.
Access to antiretrovirals in developing countries attainable
Guidelines for the management of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma have been released in the UK.
Cost implications of guideline differences in hypertension
US physicians' role in improving coverage, cost and quality of care
Patients with migraine have only a "slight increased use of antidepressants" compared with the population without migraine,
HFA-beclometasone more effective, less costly than CFC version
Insulin dosing device cuts costs, proves popular with the elderly
Decline in HRT use confirms physicians' rapid response
Antibacterials overused for RTIs in Italy
Preoperative radiotherapy worth it in rectal cancer
Levosalbutamol helps paediatric ED patients breathe easy
Comorbid disease linked to asthma severity, corticosteroids underused
Psychotropic use less likely among ethnic minorities
ADHD cost burden extends to family members
A high rate of β-blocker use can be achieved in patients seen at a specialised outpatient heart failure (HF) clinic
Screening for proteinuria warranted in the US?
Palifermin reduces resource use in stomatitis
Antidepressant use linked to shorter work absences in depression
Headache care in the ED not ideal
Neuropsychotherapeutics often used among elderly residents in Sweden
Benefit of newer antipsychotics not clear cut
WTP driven by socioeconomics not clinical status in OA
Atypical antipsychotics associated with less medication switching
Potential for big savings with obesity prevention programme
Research carried out on the effect of the 'Wise Use of Antibiotics' campaign in New Zealand by research agency Colmar Brunton has found that, compared with 3 years ago, people are less likely to expect an antibacterial to treat common colds
Torasemide outshines furosemide in QOL stakes
Epoetin alfa dosing schedule affects QOL in anaemic HIV patients
Rivastigmine leads to clinically relevant QOL improvement
NZ Health Minister proposes move to veto DTC drug advertising
Generic AIDS drug deal settled by GSK and Boehringer in S Africa
A value pricing model in conjunction with a unique dosing combination are among plans for the launch of Eli Lilly's bipolar depression therapy Symbyax,
An agreement signed between WHO and Novartis will see half a million of the world's poorest tuberculosis (TB) patients receive life-saving drugs free of charge.
The price of generic simvastatin [Vidastat] has been slashed in the Philippines by pharma company Therapharma (United Laboratories),
Patients likely to pay more under German health reform