Entecavir outlasts the alernatives for affordable hep B therapy
ACR offers new RA guidance
UK NICE issues guidance on antibacterials in RTIs
Population health important driver for US economy
Patient preferences in guideline development
Global price interdependencies have significant impact
Recycling medicine heralds win-win for all
Calls for two-pronged attack on pre-diabetes
Homeopathy hits hard times
Now the drugs don't work − ARV resistance mounts in third world
Recommendations for the use of probiotics have been released following the Advances in Clinical Use of Probiotics Workshop,
Canadian reimbursement: publicly-insured get short shrift
IAS releases 2008 update of HIV treatment guidelines
Future real drug costs decrease over time
Iraqi children with ALL paid dearly for UN-imposed sanctions
Majority of women positive about HPV vax for pre-teens
Costs of initial cancer treatment spiralling upwards
Surgical errors in the US may cost employers nearly $US1.5 billion annually,
Burden of allergic rhinitis not to be sneezed at in the US
Adding morbidity to the mix helps explain prescribing variations
Frequent use of cough/cold drugs in US children "striking"
Combined diabetes/depression care feasible and effective in US
Critical care resources underused
Value of specialist lipid clinic highlighted
Alternative, rapid DST methods cost effective in MDR TB
Interstitial cystitis costs "substantial"
In-clinic rescue decreases cost of migraine therapy
Fluoxetine tops CBT in adolescent depression
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OTC antacid, acid inhibitor use prevalent in The Netherlands
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Relationship between med use and asthma events "reassuring" in US
Switch to first-line tenofovir DF warranted in South Africa
Psychiatric disorders associated with loss of earnings
Which strategy holds most promise for women with HNPCC?
Conservative treatment in URTI not to be sneezed at
Ziprasidone effectively improves QOL among patients with schizophrenia who are switched from typical and/or atypical antipsychotics,
E-prescribing the way of the future
President Bush is to sign into law legislation on global health programmes, though the bill still lacks funding.
HIV drugs made cheaper, accessible to more patients
UNICEF, WHO and the international drug purchasing facility UNITAID have announced a funding infusion of $US50 million aimed at halting mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV infections.
Medical tourism, retail clinics challenge status quo in US