Individual and Community Impact of Influenza
Communication of Socioeconomic Research Findings
Socioeconomic Evaluation in Medicine in Europe : Core Economic Concepts
Influenza : The Role of Burden-of-Illness Research
Economic Evaluation of Influenza Vaccination : Assessment for The Netherlands
Measures for Control of Influenza
Influenza Vaccination in 29 Countries : An Update to 1997
Willingness to Pay and the Valuation of Programmes for the Prevention and Control of Influenza
The Health and Economic Benefits of Influenza Vaccination for Healthy and At-Risk Persons Aged 65 to 74 Years
A Pharmacoeconomic Model for the Treatment of Influenza
Cochrane Reviews and Systematic Reviews of Economic Evaluations : Amantadine and Rimantadine in the Prevention and Treatment of Influenza
Workshop 1: Appraising the Methods for Economic Evaluation
Workshop 2: The Needs of Policy-Makers
Workshop 3: Antivirals and Vaccination for Influenza