The blood option: transcriptional profiling in clinical trials
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Pharmacogenetics: Development Issues and Solutions for Safe and Effective Medicines
Designing physiogenomic studies
Serotonin transporter polymorphisms and side effects in antidepressant therapy – a pilot study
Rapid identification of three functionally relevant polymorphisms in the OATP1B1 transporter gene using Pyrosequencing™
Development of a toxicogenomics in vitro assay for the efficient characterization of compounds
Transcriptional profiling of peripheral blood cells in clinical pharmacogenomic studies
Gene variants in noncoding regions and their possible consequences
Challenges for molecular profiling of chronic fatigue syndrome
Pharmacogenomic data sample collection and storage: ethical issues and policy approaches
Gene expression profiling in the discovery, optimization and development of novel drugs: one universal screening platform
Personalized medicine: decades away?
Teaching and practicing pharmacogenomics: a complex matter
Clinical genomics data standards for pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics
Systems pharmacogenomics in yeast