Reminiscent Meanderings through Most of a Mainly Pharmacological Life
Cardiovascular Actions of Chronic Intracerebroventricular Administration of Metformin in Normotensive Rats
Stretch-Induced Stimulation of Lower Airway Nitric Oxide Formation in the Guinea-Pig: Inhibition by Gadolinium Chloride
Cholecystokinin-B/Gastrin Receptor Blockade Suppresses the Activity of Rat Stomach ECL Cells
No Effect of Diclofenac on the Pharmacokinetics of Cloxacillin
Effect of Time Interval between Food and Drug Ingestion on the Absorption of Oxybutynin from a Controlled-Release Tablet
Comparison and in vivo Relevance of Two Different in vitro Head Space Metabolic Systems: Liver S9 and Liver Slices
Increase of Bone Mass and Mechanical Strength in Rats after Treatment with a Novel Bisphosphonate, YM175, for Two Years
Accumulation of Nicotine in Human Hair during Long-Term Controlled Exposure to a Low Concentration of Nicotine Vapour
Prolonged Treatment with the Atypical Antipsychotic Agent Remoxipride Reduces Extracellular Glutamate Levels in the Striatum of Freely Moving Rats